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I am...

  • A Natural Leader
    • I drive projects forward to achieve results​. I love public speaking. I am a big picture person.
  • A Collaborator
    • I love working with others and believe being kind is the fastest way to success.​.
  • User Obsessed
    • They determine success and failure- I am results focused and process minded.
  • Bubbly
    • I show up every day with energy and enthusiasm, and I can help out wherever needed.

I believe...

  • The Future is Human Centered

    • Driving creation through empathy and putting users at the core of the problem solves problems the right way, not just cover them up.

  • The Most Effective Teams are Teams Who Like Each Other

    • Getting along and using effective communication is core to achieving results.

    • Great leadership comes from knowing that your teammates are the best at doing what they do. Empowering them generates results.

  • Honesty is the Best Policy

    • Being honest with yourself, asking questions, asking for help, and staying humble is the only way to get it done.

    • Flexibility is critical- projects change. surprises happen, being able to adapt is essential.

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let's make it happen.

Bias towards action!

If you wanna chat, call me up.


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