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Integration of Systems in Switzerland
Honeywell Missile 
Expansion Project

The bulk of my time at Acutronic was spent developing 2 axis motion simulators for the Honeywell Missile Expansion Project. This involved creating 3D parts and assembling them in Inventor, noting any inconsistencies and flaws in design. This project was completed on a very tight deadline.

Safety Enclosure Designs


To design a complete safety enclosure for systems to be sold to the customer



  • Impact Resistance

  • Visibility

  • Aesthetic Appeal

A current solution developed by Kronos

My Ideation/ Rough Sketches

More creative cylindrical designs

More traditional cube solutions

Temperature Chamber Redesign


To design the most inexpensive temperature chamber possible


Design Constraints:

Has to support temperatures ranging from -125C to +50C degrees
(-193 F to +122 F)

Some Design Ideas:

  • Changing the material:

    • Cork (vibration resistant)​

    • Ceramic (insulation!)

    • Temperature resistant plastic

  • Structural:

    • Replacing doors with balloon-like materials​

    • Suction cup doors

    • Combining the temperature chamber with the gimbal

Decided to Research:

  • Temperature resistant plastic

  • Combining the gimbal and temperature chamber

Research Findings:

Garolite is lighter, stronger, cheaper and a better insulator than stainless steel! And it can withstand all of the temperatures in the range of what customers would need for this purpose.

Problem: It is difficult to manufacture. 

Rotary Gas Joint Design

During this project, I was tasked with designing a custom hydraulic rotary joint to carry several lines of high pressure fluid from stationary to rotating.

*Note: Unable to show actual design due to government clearance restrictions

Drive Pack Design

During this project, I was tasked with finding an appropriate motor and bearing for the system, and designing a housing for these items.

*Note: Unable to show actual design due to government clearance restrictions

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